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Let's discover Kuronga in less than 5 minutes.

Getting Started

Get started by Signing up.

You can sign up to Kuronga here.

What you'll need

  • Choose your user Type

    • Farmer
    • Buyer
  • Your personal details:

    • Your name
    • Your email
    • Your phone number
  • Your business details:

    • Business name
    • Business email
    • Business phone number
    • Business address

Signing up

Visit and complete the form to sign up.


Fill out all sections in the form to complete the sign-up.


You can select multiple crops!

Select all the crops you are currently growing that you are likely to be growing in the near future, this will help the platform set up some draft listings for you after you register.


You will need to accept Kuronga's Terms of use before you can sign-up.

Tap Request access to proceed to the next step.

Check your email

Open your email and check for an automatic email sent by Kuronga.

Confirm Email


Your Confirmation should arrive within a few seconds.

If you do not receive this email after a few minutes remember to check your spam folder.

Click on the COMPLETE REGISTRATION link in the email to confirm your email.


Confirming your email helps keep the Kuronga platform secure for all users.


Clicking on the link in the email will take you to the registration page.



You should enter the same email you used in the initial sign up and choose a password.

Click SIGN UP to complete your registration.

Next you can move on to checking and completing your profile.