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Kuronga Market Prices

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Oliver Windram

Check out prices for several crops in South Africa.

Produce Prices

Red Cabbage
per kg

per kg

per kg

Tomato prices are still depressed selling on average for R7.90 per kg. The reason for this can be seen in if we look at the quantities delivered. Around 450 tonnes were delivered to City Deep on Friday alone with 2250 tonnes delivered already since the beginning of June. By contrast we have only seen around 8 tonnes of broccoli delivered to the market on Friday.

200g punnets of cocktail tomatoes sold for R47.88 per kg this week. Variety choice, timing and packaging are key to uncovering niche price opportunities at the market. Click here to level-up your market discovery and farm planning.

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  • "Small farmers are one of the most underutilized resources in Africa," says Tendai Chitapi, co-founder of Kuronga,