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Kuronga Market Prices

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Oliver Windram

Check out prices for several crops in South Africa.

Produce Prices

Red Cabbage
per kg

per kg

per kg

As autumn moves into winter we see prices for many of the summer crops still depressed driven by high yields and oversupply. In contrast prices are looking very strong for early winter suppliers, take a look at Red Cabbage and Peas!

Red Cabbage is one of the crops we have recommended to subscribers in our Winter Seasonal Production Program. Learn more about Kuronga's Seasonal Production programme.

Well packed produce still exceeds the mean price of late summer crops. 200g punnets traded at R32.72 per kg vs the R10.14 average. Check out how to level-up your on-farm grading and learn more about value addition.

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Looking for more frequent, up to date pricing for your local market? Why not sign up for Kuronga's Market Information subscription service. In addition to regular pricing updates you get detailed advice on grading standards expected at markets and solutions to help you track and manage your standing orders with customers.

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Want to update your listing on Kuronga? Why not check out this quick video on how to keep your listings up to date.

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  • "Small farmers are one of the most underutilized resources in Africa," says Tendai Chitapi, co-founder of Kuronga,