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Technologies to enhance farming logistics throughout Africa.

About Kuronga

At Kuronga we are developing digital mobile services that work for farmers in Africa. Through the development of our mobile platform we are leveraging the power of mobile digital connectivity and existing logistics infrastructure within Africa to develop a means for farmers to affordably get their goods to market, regardless of their production capacity.

We are building a platform technology that leverages the rapid uptake of smartphones in Africa, to help connect farmers to their market both digitally and physically. We are focused on providing affordable logistics solutions to small-scale farmers to allow them to deliver produce more frequently and consistently throughout the growing season. We are solving this logistics challenge to enable farmers to reliably profit from their farming activities regardless of initial investment. Inadequate credit solutions requires farmers to first profit from existing farming activities before they can afford additional farming inputs to increase their future yields.

The limited quantity and frequency with which small-scale farmers produce food limits their access to low cost logistics achievable with large scale agricultural production. This cost barrier often denies farmers access to markets or severely impacts their profit margin. This in turn has knock-on effects with yield as farmers are unwilling to commit additional investment to farming inputs with such marginal returns achieved at market. Small-scale farmers need more affordable logistics solutions to engage more with agricultural markets and to warrant additional input investment required to improve their yields.

We are building a mobile application platform that allows farmers, drivers, and traders to connect and coordinate the delivery of farm produce to market. The farmer can arrange transport for their produce to market using the smartphone app. A driver is automatically allocated and routed to the pickup point on the day of delivery. Multiple framers produce within an area are pooled together to take advantage of large scale transportation cost savings. Farmers can choose to handle the sale of their produce once at the market or prearrange produce purchase with a trader before delivery. The app connects all three parties digitally and facilitates financial transactions with payments held in escrow to help establish trust in the system. The app will also provide farmers with a mobile wallet to help facilitate and track future expenditure. The history of farmer productivity and sales in previous seasons will enable the platform to provide access to future farm inputs on credit which can be delivered by drivers already traveling out to farming areas to collect farming produce. We are also leveraging our teams experience in crop health and crop production to create farming input solutions that work for small-scale farmers.

Why you should work with us?

We are providing logistics providers with access to a novel co-ordinated pool of new customers. Market traders also benefit through provision of enhanced transparency, shipment planning and tracking.